Robert was instrumental in our wedding taking great shots that captured many of the beautiful keepsake moments that we will cherish for years to come. We recently received a CD and a link that shows our special day and loved the photography, the beautiful captures he has made. Now we share with all of our friends, familys and to you.


Jennifer and John 



Great photographer. Very professional. Easy to work with.



Eric & yo


We were so lucky to have found Robert. He is a gentle soul that quickly becomes part of your day. He uses his gifts to paint a portrait of your day and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome. He is quick, flexible, and thorough on top of being talented and very affordable. We will always cherish our wedding photos. Thank you, Robert!

Lisa and james


Robert gave us exactly what we wanted for our wedding! He has a great eye, and captures pictures that make the day come alive over and over. When I was shopping for a photographer for our big day his "wedding stories" from his website sold me. I was actually crying after watching a few, that's how well he can paint a picture with his photographs! I realized if a photographer can make me feel as if I know a couple just from his photographs, then he is definetly the one for me! Plus he is reliable, punctual, and affordable! I will be using him in the future for family photoshoots and (hopefully) baby portraits!



Renne and Johnath


Robert was wonderful to work with- very professional, creative and fast! Our photos are simply amazing and we have gotten tons of compliments on both the bridal portriats and photos from our entire wedding day. He seemed to capture every moment of our wedding day and we will always cherish these pictures. We were pleased and surprised that we got a large sample of our photos back before we even returned from our honeymoon!



Dana and jake



We were thrilled to have you take the photo's for our wedding. There were so many great photo's that you captured, you have a great eye for getting the right shot. I really appriciate you encouraging us to walk over to the bridge, those were great shots.

Thanks for all you hard work. 

Ian and Kristen Butler



Robert Ross was the perfect choice for our daughter's wedding. He was quietly working behind the scenes-unobtrusive, yet there to capture great candids as well as the requisite posed pictures. He did exactly what he said he would, and spent the amount of time necessary to do the job-very flexible and accommodating to our schedule. Was also very helpful in making choices about photos later, and never high pressured about anything-just easy to work with and always pleasant and efficient.



Jane bradon and jane meria


Great Pictures. Robert Ross is very flexible and fast. He came to my house multiple times to consult with my mom and I. He delivered my album and CD of pictures personally. He was also really fast. While I have heard of many brides waiting months for their photos he had my photo CD ready for me the week after my wedding. I would recommend him to my friends.

jane meria


Robert is talented and professional photographer. He is also extremely caring and really becomes a part of your wedding day. He's a good listener and goes the extra mile to make your day special. I would highly recommend using Robert to capture one of the most important days of your life!



Reagan Vogt 



We were honored to have Robert shoot both my wedding portrait photos and our wedding ceremony in October of 2008. He is not only an awesome and talented artist, he is a true professional. Robert climbed over, under and around many structures and several bushes on the Childress Vineyards property to get that perfect shot. My husband and I were totally overwhelmed with the outcome. Robert also provided us with all albums, single shots and custom orders promised in our initial contract. You will be missing out if you let anyone else shoot your special day!! Thanks again Robert!!!



Lanie and drew


Robert did a terrific job on the photography for our wedding! He went out of his way to make sure that our photos were tailored to fit our wants. The pictures from our wedding are a beautiful work of art and we will continue to cherish them for a lifetime. Thank you for your work, Robert!


Caroline and Jason


Robert was an absolutely outstanding complement to the wedding day! He captured many timeless photographs! He's quite talented and professional.


Deanne eliott


Robert was great to work with! He is friendly, courteous, and willing to do whatever he can to give you what you want. The more specific you are, especially with any posed shots, the better. I didn't notice him at all throughout the day and got amazing pictures of all the most important moments. If photo-journalist style is what you want, Robert is your guy.

Brad and laura


Robert is an incredibly talented photographer, particularly when it comes to catching candid shots. His work is phenominal and he's wonderful to work with. He did a fantastic job photographing my wedding and I highly recommend him.


Robert is extremely easy to work with, and a gifted photographer. He got incredible candid shots and captured our wedding perfectly. He's genuinely committed to making sure his clients are happy, and I'd recommend him to anyone.



CC and glen


Robert provided professional photography services for our wedding. He captured the day in such an amazing way. I highly recommend ross photography for any future bride.

Tracey and chris


Robert did a fantastic job at our wedding. He was professional and helpful the entire event, and was very knowledgeable on getting the best pictures for the wedding party. I would recommend Robert for any photography needed.


Ted and Amanda


Robert was a wonderful photographer. He was very easy to work with and my wedding photos turned out beautiful.



Erica and Kevin